Nicole Radon Is The Modern Face Of Pop

Some artists try to turn pop music into something new, they fuse their music with the past or try to force the future, undertake musically questionable and culturally ethical experiments in basement studios or pretend not to be pop at all, creating weird sub-genres and new labels to try to sound cool and detached. Nicole Radon is too honest for all of those sorts of games. And whilst her music is built of slick, modern electronica, the music is pop, unashamedly so, it is here and it is now.

Solid beats, intricate soundscapes and a vibrant verse build the anticipation before a truly monumental chorus delivers everything you want from a pop record. When it hits the pay-off it is big, bombastic, infectious and memorable. If you can’t sing the chorus of a dance or pop record by the second time it comes around then it is not doing its job. In the case of We Will Love One Another, I’ll be surprised if it even takes you that long.

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