Nick Sawczyn Releases His debut of Cinematically Arrestive Ambient Electronica

Up and coming artist Nick Sawczyn has made his debut with the cinematically arrestive self-titled album and in the process treated us to a strikingly mellifluous work of ambient electronica.

While many artists try and create soundscapes on the same level of transcendence, it’s clear that Nick Sawczyn has a deft command of sound through his ability to weave tension and the occasional ominous note to ensure that you are truly captivated by each progression of sound.

With the tracks from his debut release he constructed soundscapes which would be just as at home on a film score with the orchestral swells sitting so tightly with the ambient electronic arrangement. Each of the seven tracks flow to their own unique tempos, but there are also a fair amount of recurring tonalities throughout them. Some people may be under the impression that albums are becoming redundant, listening to Nick Sawczyn’s album would be all the reassurance they need that they are wrong.

You can check out Nick Sawczyn’s latest release for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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