Nick Cody & The Heartache tackled profound uncertainty with their latest single, Maybe, featuring Towse.

Uncertainty seems to be around every corner as of late; one of the only consolations is the latest single, ‘Maybe’, from Nick Cody & The Heartache featuring Towse.

The melodiously mournful single is the third one to be released from the forthcoming album, all is fine ‘til the world goes pop, due for release on September 30th via Green Eyed Records. Instead of sugar-coating future possibilities, the aptly glib lyrics pose possibilities of suffering in silence or hiding in the dark, giving up thinking or ceasing to put up a fight.

As the poignantly melancholic keys coalesce around the warm and gentle guitar chords, grief-stricken alchemy breathes between Nick Cody’s crooned folk pessimism and Towse’s haunted vocal timbre which carries an ethereal chill not all too dissimilar to Angel Olsen’s. They’re a match made in aural heaven. As for this timely single, consider it essential for your alt-folk-rock playlists.

The official music video for Maybe premiered on August 25th. Check it out on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast



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