Ni/Co – Walls Speak: Intangibly Immersive EDM Pop

When true talent combines it should be come as no surprise that the end result is an offering of viscerally electric synergy.

I get dubious every time I’m faced with a Pop track, yet it’s safe to say that Ni/Co restored my faith in the genre with their organic approach which came alive through their soulful, accessible charisma as artists. Whilst it is hard to believe that some Pop artists are actually human, the duo bring more humanity and emotion to the Pop scene than we’ve heard lately.

The beats are fused with a nostalgic R&B vibe and are a little darker than you’re average Pop melody which makes their latest single Walls Speak intangibly immersive. Combined with the waves of romanticism which comes curtesy of the lyrics, Walls Speak is as close to perfection as Pop can get.

You can check out Ni/Co’s latest single Walls Speak for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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