Newcastle Upon Tyne’s CMP explores failed relationships is touching electronic debut ‘’Depths of Us’’

“I think you want this more than me. A sentence that haunts me in my sleep’’.

Being rejected by someone that you care about deeply is a very tough experience and not one we want to endure. This can cause long-lasting scars and deep bitterness. Newcastle’s ‘CMP’ explores this sunken feeling and expresses himself perfectly in this hauntingly real release.

‘’Depths of Us’’ is the debut song from this promising artist and this song shows us his potential and possibilities. It is a dark and sad song, a natural way to get rid of those negative feelings and move on. This is of course what music is for and ‘CMP’ will find many a sympathetic ear, mine included. 

I’m excited about the future for this UK Electronic artist and can’t wait to hear what is released next. Hopefully the music is of this quality, as this is a fine debut.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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