New Wolves – Same Two Songs: Eccentrically Sweet Symphonic Indie Folk

If you’re looking for Symphonic Electro-infused Indie with an eccentrically endearing addition of Folk, your options are pretty limited. So, it’s probably best you check out the aural delights which await you when you check out the cathartically sweet debut single “Same Two Songs” from London-based artist New Wolves.

If Elliot Smith had played around with synthesisers, I’m fairly sure that the end result would have sounded a lot like Same Two Songs. The stunningly progressive single keeps the lyricism simple, but in that simplicity is a potent amount of accessibility and resonance. There’s no great narrative to wrap your head around. Just share in the comfort that you’re not alone as you obsessively hit repeat on the same songs every day.

If you struggle with that very same problem, that’s all the more reason to head on over to Soundcloud and listen to the release for yourself.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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