New Wolves has doused us in aural alchemy once more with their synth-led Indie hit “Influencer”

I would have needed to have sustained quite a significant head injury to forget up and coming artist New Wolves after listening to their debut single “Same Two Songs”.  The melancholy was crushing, and the concordance was captivating.

With their latest single “Influencer” they’ve made pragmatic use of their ingenuity and created a potent mix of sonically friendly synth lines and nostalgically familiar Indie Acoustic Rock. The 80s vibe runs a little stronger in Influencer, but it has affirmed that our belief in New Wolves’ talent was definitely well placed. Two things which have remained a constant with New Wolves’ sound are the sweetly pensive vocals which I have no doubt will flaw me every single time and the lyrics which run through like meta poetry.

You can check out Influencer for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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