New UK band Big Sky Orchestra drop road trip-like debut track, ‘Hollywood Lights’

Feeling that the luminous light is ready for them at the door if they can all open it at the same time, Big Sky Orchestra drop their groovy debut single that is crammed with some of the more awesome solos you are likely to hear all year on, ‘Hollywood Lights‘.

Big Sky Orchestra is a 5-piece UK-based band that fuses soft rock, dreamy Americana and crisp jazz into their music that has you feeling all warm inside your soul.

As relative newcomers to the scene, Big Sky Orchestra sound like experienced veterans on this ear-warming new release. Each second is exactly what you want from a song as you feel so lifted by the whole experience, while you close your eyes and might feel relieved by a track with so much class packed inside.

Hollywood Lights‘ from the UK-based act Big Sky Orchestra is a fantastic release from a young group who have made quite an impressive impact already. With a slot at El Dorado Festival secured and more music on the way, it feels like we are witnessing something rather special, as the journey has only just begun. Their sound is mature and vocally superior to most tracks you will listen to today, as they seem to have found their niche without having to spend years chasing the ideal effect.

Hear this cruising new single on Spotify and check out the IG page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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