New Rock City – Right Now: A Raucously Charismatic Female-Fronted Rock Anthem

New Rock City released their latest single Right Now on February 26th, 2018 to treat rock aficionados to one of the sultriest rock anthems since Joan Jett was on the scene. I’ve always particularly drawn to a powerful lead female vocal behind a rhythmically eclectic sound, but there’s something extra that New Rock City bring to the rock scene. Right Now is unobtrusive, it’s seamlessly aligned through he palpable sentimentality of the lyrics along with Rossano’s vocals, yet it has all the edge you’d expect from a Rock track. Rossano is the epitome of the natural performer, her energy is timelessly infectious through her raucous attitude and charismatic euphoria which surrounds her. Krick’s guitars are a mix of soaring hooks and crisp melodies which ensure New Rock City is instrumental perfection.

The NY 4-piece band have already created quite the buzz around their music and there’s still more to come with the much-anticipated debut album due to drop later this year.

Check out New Rock City’s brand new single Right Now on SoundCloud

Head on over to New Rock City’s website for more tracks & videos of the sensational act in action

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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