New Hampshire-based singer-songwriter Jack Eppington asks us to work together on, ‘We’re Gonna Fly Now’

Urging us to fuse our minds together rather than following the selfish path that so many do, Jack Eppington returns with his highly enthusiastic new single about working as one team on, ‘We’re Gonna Fly Now‘.

Jack Eppington is a New York City-born indie folk-pop singer-songwriter, journalist and photographer who now resides in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Jack’s influences include The Beatles, Peter Paul & Mary, Bob Dylan, Tom Jones, Aretha Franklin, Bread, Badfinger, Bruce Springsteen and others.” ~ Jack Eppington

Turning his mind to what needs to be done to make the planet a better place, Jack Eppington shows us that by looking up and not down, things can indeed be better than we could possibly imagine if we are all looking in the same direction.

We’re Gonna Fly Now‘ from New York City-born indie folk-pop singer-songwriter Jack Eppington, is a single that shows us the passion of an experienced musician who is following his dreams. His mind is elevated on this new single as he looks for solutions to try and help humanity, which needs leaders to stand up right now so that we may mend this world up like a doctor applying stitches to a patient. A single with a beat you won’t forget is in store here, as we look above to see what is actually possible if we all join hands.

Check out the single on Spotify and see more via the Twitter music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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