New emcee CarD brings the Hip Hop summer heat with lyric video ”Sicker” (featuring Connect and Nelly Hype)

Sicker” is track 9 on the new OddsMaker album from CarD and what a track it is. With a funky fresh beat that needs sunglasses, this is a welcome release that will stand the test of time due to it’s sick beat and flow-full lyrics. Produced in part by longtime collaborator Connect, this represents a major artistic step forward for the young artist with a fly style.

Bay Area rapper CarD isn’t afraid of taking risks with his music. As the son of a professional poker player, he is naturally inclined to just go for it with his lyrics, offering endless rewards for listeners who can keep up with his lyrically ability. Instead of rapping about partying and cliche gang life, he uses intricate wordplay and rhyme patterns infused with gambling terminology that certainly impress.

Battle rap helped CarD grow up quickly in the Bay Area, developing his own identity and introducing himself to the local scene with the well-received underground albums- ’51 Short’ and ‘Ante Your Life.’

Featuring Connect and Nelly Hype, ”Sicker” shreds the bars right through the speakers. This is powerful track that shows the world this young emcee’s potential.

Stream this track right now on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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