Never Forget: Oakland’s 50xDIP keep it real on ‘Pray For Our Sins’

Taken off their brand new five-track ‘Members EP‘, 50xDIP spray their lines down to the ground with a united feel on the bars-filled new single that has them winning easily on ‘Pray For Our Sins‘.

50xDIP is a promising Oakland, California-based five-piece hip-hop collective who started their journey in 2017 with parties and a clothing label. They make that entertaining music which floods into your mind and keeps things fresh with street-hop rhymes, combined with a blustery beat, which lets you know that they are for real.

Their teamwork is so apparent here as they all have a have a well-earned turn on the awaiting mic — their style is honest and forthright and has no cheesy tales inside the burger– and features so much venom that the snake needs a refill. You feel their candid street-smarts come to the fold, and this is an underground track that has a lot to like entrenched inside it.

Pray For Our Sins‘ from the well-respected Oakland, California-based hip-hop group 50xDIP, has you looking for the skies above to wonder further, if karma really strikes you down if you do bad things. This is a track that is straight to the point and shreds through like a sharp slicer on the mic. The underground feel is real and an ode to the classic days, of this hugely popular genre.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more news via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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