Need to forgive: Darren Hoffman is simply brilliant on ‘Redemption’

Taken off his latest sizzling EP called ‘Ballad of Miami: An Opera of Land & Violence‘, Darren Hoffman returns with the story of how her forgiveness is a one way street on the excellent ‘Redemption‘.

Darren Hoffman is a fantastic Brooklyn-New York-based, Miami, Florida-born, multi-instrumentalist and producer, who makes that supremely heart-warming type of music that is deeper than most, due to his ever-growing self-awareness with the world around him.

”Ballad of Miami: An Opera of Land & Violence tells the story of love and hate within a child of the city as they witness industrial destruction, toxic culture and an attempt at redemption. I wrote this piece as a contemplative, abstract and poetic exploration in five movements; examining the past, present and future of humankind’s environmental and cultural attack on the land currently known as Miami, Florida.”- Darren Hoffman 

The spacey sounds unleashes into a groovy experience like none other, as you feel the classy and dedication this creation has endured over many months. You feel like this is a road trip gem, a waterfall of spectacular sounds that are blended with precision, that is taken from a world that is being hurt so unnecessarily.

With the supreme skills of Morgan Guerin on the synths, bass, drums and co-production, this is an ear-hugging experience like no other. They way that they appear to mesh these soundscapes into a smorgasbord of delight, is a treat for us all to savor.

Redemption‘ from the delightfully multi-talented NYC producer, drummer, guitarist and singer Darren Hoffman, is one of the better songs you will hear this year and the musicianship here is first class and puts you under s spell that you don’t want to get under from.

Stream this underrated masterpiece here on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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