All You Need is Four / Five Minutes to Be Feelin’ Fine

J.J. Leone delivers a captivating track with “Four Five Minutes”. The first thing I noticed when listening to this track is a great deal of Phil Collins and Genesis influence in the music and vocals. Don’t be mistaken, Leone is no cheap knockoff tribute act, but rather the kind of artist who takes the influence of others and creates his own unique sound from that foundation.

Kicking off with a memorable drum pattern that sets the tone for the rest of the song, “Four Five Minutes” features a great build featuring keyboards and guitar part that sounds very much like Mike Rutherford. Leone’s vocals are very warm and mellow, and tops off this track to make for a very easy and enjoyable listen.

“Four Five Minutes” combines a vast array of musicality, blending the smooth and mellow vibe of R&B, a soulful vocal delivery, and an incredibly tasteful and somewhat unexpected guitar solo to help bring the song to a close. The guitar solo often seems to be a lost art in contemporary music, so it is very refreshing to hear very David Gilmour-esque over bends and licks. I was really digging the song throughout, but when I heard this guitar solo come in, that’s what sets this track over the top for me. This reviewer rates “Four Five Minutes” 5.0 / 5.0 for excellent instrumentation, excellent vocals, excellent arrangement, and of course that guitar solo!

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