Nathan Degner – 1969: Mastering the Art of Lo Fi Rock n Roll

Nathan Degner

There’s a little bit of the Zappa quintessentially experimental chaos to Nathan Degner’s latest track 1969. Whether you love or hate the Lo Fi style of production, there’s no denying that the raw energy that bleeds through adds swathes of resonance to the mix.

Nathan Degner’s unique vocals don’t carry a reminiscence to any other, there’s a playful biting of antagonism with an Indie Rock styling. He certainly isn’t a recording artist who takes himself seriously, and you shouldn’t either. Let the lyrically inventive narrative of 1969 unfold to bring you the weirdest sense of nostalgia you’ve ever had and find yourself slap bang in the middle of the eclecticism of the psychedelic era, the instrumentals will also play their part in sending you on your way. Yet, 1969 is no mere revival, thanks to the Ska bass and guitar rhythm around concordant crashing of the cymbals, not forgetting the waves of popping reverb which leads you seamlessly through the progression.

You can check out 1969 for yourself by heading over to Nathan Degner’s website. Where you will also find the other tracks from the ‘Rock n Roll Songs’ EP

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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