Nappy – Came Up: Winnipeg Killer

Winnipeg, Rapper Nappy has blown it out of the park with his debut track Came Up. Other Hip Hop artists can only dream of achieving this effortless flow of energy and sound their first time around. Nappy is the type of artist who you’d happily welcome amongst your favourites in your record collection, his new track hits you, with an instant familiarity. Even if he’s an unlikely contender with his humble humility, yet this masterpiece of a mix proves to be a compelling ambient portrait of empowerment that you’re going to want to stick on your up-tempo playlists.

The synth backbeat almost has a dub vibe through the veracity of the pounding synth mix, with every verse comes a drop, accompanied by one of the freshest unique vocal deliveries that we’ve heard in generations. The transgression of the track is raucous, and chasing, as you follow the unilinear beats you’re encapsulated by the cacophony of well-orchestrated sound. The lyrics, they flow with vehemence, you can taste the sweet contempt in the delivery, never more so than with the spoken word verse that plays as the track meanders to an end. It was a bold move, and for Nappy It paid off.

You can check out Nappy’s brand-new track using the Spotify link below:

-Amelia Vandergast.

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