N.ave ft Flex – Copy That: This song is a cop, do you copy that yet?

In case you don’t know yet, permit me to engrain this into your subconscious real quick. You’re just about to witness the launch of an amoral tachycardia in its full power on this track.

Hello, Nave, where have you been hiding for long? Why did it take this long before you made up your mind to grace us with your presence in the music industry?

Just like a metro hit on a runway whose echoes resound very audibly, you’ll find yourself lost in the audible range of this song’s beat.

“Copy that” is an audible upbeat that’s wrapped in the genre of a hip-hop song. It’s a song that’s well embedded in the awesomeness of its thumping reverberation. Most of all, this song has a pack full of nicely diced flows, a catchy line, clear sound quality, creative style of rap, great soothing melody that’s capable of making you sway and beam from ear to ear.

The lyrics when paid good attention to, have some really delectable fact, the vocal sound of the artist was well placed and in a steady motion while he spits his bars. The catchy chorus is also very easy to like and sing along to.

Nave delivered a stellar work and this is quite evident in the uniqueness of this song. The flow of his rap prowess is up for no debate at all. This song is very hard to hate, it’s just further coated with a sweet beat that can keep your body in steady motion.


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