Mysterious ‘Timo6ka’ is back with new self-reflecting Lo-fi/Rap track ‘’Hot Garbage’’

Not much is known about producer Timo6ka and perhaps he likes it that way. ‘’Hot Garbage’’ has just dropped and is featured as the lead single from his new EP- ‘’Sad Beats 2’’.

What I can find is that ‘Timo6ka’ is the alias for Ivan Timofejev, an accomplished animator/illustrator/producer/rapper. ‘’Hot Garbage’’ touches on mental health and wanting to be happy, which is a constant struggle for millions across the world, due to the constant barrage of content on the internet.

‘Timo6ka’ takes you on a journey during his ‘’Sad Beats 2’’ EP and his dark undertones keep you hooked all the way through. At times the music is a bit creepy, you don’t know what is going to come next and each song is different. This is a young, creative and fantastic artist who is finding his feet in the music world.

‘’Hot Garbage’’ is a good lead single and there is lots of potential here. Currently a bit insecure and a touch paranoid in this crazy world, let’s hope that ‘Timo6ka’ finds himself and is able to fully realize his potential. This is a talented producer/rapper who is clearly exploring different styles, which is exciting for us to witness.

Stream and learn more about Timo6ka here on Spotify

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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