My Honey: Salyse roars delightfully on inspiring debut track ‘Babygirl’

When true role models are so hard to find these days, Salyse shows the ladies that they need to back themselves into following their dreams on ‘Babygirl‘.

Simone Alyse Senibaldi aka Salyse, is an exciting Everett, Boston-born, Motown and Disco-inspired, musical theater-trained indie RnB/Soul singer-songwriter based in Atlanta, Georgia.

She has a clear vest for life, genuinely kind heart and loves and making that soulful music, which is made with true intentions to help others and intended to make everyone happy no matter what they are going through personally.

Babygirl” is about loving, embracing, and celebrating every part of yourself.” – Salyse

Her voice reach far into your mind, as she takes you to a place that you have needed to be for a while. The world is a harsh place, with so much unnecessary hatred and divisiveness — but in-between those dingy alleys — there is a way to stay happy and this song represents that. Being kind to yourself and trying to be better each day — no matter your flaws — is the only path you need to take, to find that true road of enlightenment.

Babygirl‘ from the fast-emerging Atlanta singer-songwriter and wonderfully artistic creative Salyse, leads us into this sweet story about knowing what you what, being true to yourself and going for your goals, no matter how hard they seem currently. This is the type of message that needs to be heard far and wide, as it is awe-inspiring and brings you a warm feeling inside.

Hear the lovely audio on YouTube and follow her social moves on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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