Musical light and shade from New Element Music

Even though dance music might be compartmentalised into numerous sub-genres, those smaller musical territories still cover a broad range of sounds. House music wanders widely between pumping and vibrant techno driven beats and the more progressive and often intricate and ambient sounds. With latest single Duo Apart, New Element Music manage to combine the best of both worlds, walking a fine line between dynamic drive and smoother, more nuanced sound washes.

It is a heady blend of vibrant the beats which reflect the clubland pulse, groovesome, confident and full of energy, and more intricate and deftly produced vibes which are spacious and exotic, sketched only lightly from modern electronica and chilled sound washes. It is this ability to later together these different textures, the dance floor drives and the sultry spaces between that creates a wonderful play off of musical light and shade and the perfect song to bridge the gap between the nights main event and the start of the more chilled early hour vibe. Future clubland classic? It just might be.

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