Music and Love: Cincinnati band The Orbiters drops thoughtful debut single, ‘Will Aliens Like Music?’

Wondering deeply if the mysterious figures will enjoy our brand of music or not, The Orbiters entertain our thoughts rather wonderfully on their debut track to thrill us with, ‘Will Aliens Like Music?‘.

The Orbiters are a Cincinnati, Ohio-based indie folk/rock band who loves to tell those real human stories that explain the situation so eloquently.

The band confronts the anxiety around finding the right person in this world against the backdrop of the otherworldly question of the title.” ~ The Orbiters

With a dashing debut to unequivocally remember for its delightful pureness, The Orbiters are a new name who will certainly tickle your fancy and get you in a contemplative mood.

Will Aliens Like Music?‘ from Cincinnati, Ohio-based indie folk/rock band The Orbiters is a catchy track that brings us into a whole new world that is filled with questions that have been plaguing humanity for centuries. There is a really crisp vibe here that has a genuine quality to it, that is rather ear-pleasing to turn up rather loud.

Perhaps it will be The Beatles that is what they are looking for or perhaps something heavier? We might find out one day, or never quite know after all.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and hear more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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