Muca & La Marquise release fantastic animated video for ‘Blue Moon Bossa’

Blue Moon Bossa‘ is Muca & La Marquise‘s animated music video that was made by Ed Murray and this is a gem of note.

Muca & La Marquise, the brainchild of London based songwriter and music producer Muca, is a music project that uses sound and vision to bring to life a 22 year old girl who possesses a hauntingly unique voice that will inspire the hearts of everyone. She certainly does this to emasculate standards.

You feel like you are in outer space, the love is so vivid and you can’t look away. Love can be blind but sometimes you have to go for it and take that jump. You might fall in love and for that, you must try and see if this is what is meant to be.

Blue Moon Bossa‘ from Muca & La Marquise is a stunning song and the visuals are so well-made. This is a soulful track, made with love. There are indie-jazz droplets of goodness here and this is a video to put on again and again. The beauty here is so evident and these two just made a masterpiece here.

Click here for the YouTube page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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