MUANH leaves us completely breathless on the stunning RnB release you won’t be able to forget on ‘Skin’ (feat. Javie Mundo)

With delightfully natural spiritual energy flowing sweetly between your ears as you close your eyes and relax with a truly astonishing single at your fingertips, MUANH has our consciousness floating into those tender kisses that have you feeling like you are in a different world on ‘Skin(feat. Javie Mundo).

MUANH is an outstanding Germany-based indie RnB singer-songwriter, teacher-to-be, and also a professional escapist who performs with such love and care with soul-healing vocals that give you welcome shivers.

Skin’ is about indulging into your intuition, getting carried away with your body, feeling every touch and movement together with your loved one and yourself until we reach full symbiosis.” ~ MUANH

Sending our awakened hearts into a frolicking flutter with a captivating single that oozes class and changes your whole mindset in stimulating fashion, MUANH might be your new favourite RnB artist. There is a real tender consideration on offer here for us to swim calmly into, as we wash away our fears and move into a more romantic mindset that we certainly desire.

Skin(feat. Javie Mundo) from Germany-based indie RnB artist MUANH, is a sensual experience that has you gravitating slowly and lifting your senses above all the noise and distractions that are so abundant in modern-day society. This feels like a special moment, that has your smile wide – and your body feeling so enthralled – about the possibilities of being with someone who takes the time to connect properly with your hungry soul.

Finding your tribe is the only way to be truly content after all.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more news via the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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