Mr. 110 – Our Year: A Synthesis of Stylish Hip Hop

Our Year has to be one of our favourite tracks off Mr. 110’s dope new album The Manhattan Project which was dropped in January 2018. The high tempo Hip Hop Mix may just be the most transient Rap mix to hit this year so far. The sound Mr. 110 has created with his second is testament to his elemental flavour and stands as proof that he can mix Hip Hop as well as any of the big contenders. Other tracks on Mr. 110’s album The Manhattan Project mix in elements of Electronica and EDM, to keep the track fresh and pioneering. You’d have a hard job comparing Mr. 110 to any other artists on the underground Hip Hop Scene. His sound, makes the contemporaries sound obsolete with his boundless, woundingly resonant sound.

After listening to the whole album, you get a sense of how experimental Mr. 100 is a seriously talented artist, his eclectic mix of sounds makes The Manhattan Project the ultimate album to kick back and get down to.

You can listen to the full album for free on Spotify using the link below:

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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