Movie Monroe – Tie Dye: Honest Humble Hip Hop

Movie Monroe is a breakthrough Trap artist that’s taking the scene by storm with his passionate and progressive style which will have you hooked from the first verse. His latest track Tie Dye is a simplistic haunting of truths expelled over his subtle poetic lyrical flow which provides a poignantly resonate experience.

The Las Vegas based Alternative Melo Trap Rap Hip Hop enigma has produced a flawless 9 track album Aura Ultra, Tie Dye is just one of the standout tracks that hits you with hypnotising melodies and inches you closer into developing an affinity with this charismatic trap artist. I’ve often found Trap to be one of the most compelling sub genres of Hip Hop, the way that the attention is not demanded, it’s carefully extradited through evocative feeling and 80’s minimal beats that allow you to breathe throughout the track. It doesn’t pound with grandiosity or mediocrity it’s humanity stripped bare, wounded and raw. Monroe’s whole album is a delectable experience which proves to be the perfect platform to expose his versatile style.

Check out Movie Monroe’s track Tie Die via SoundCloud using the link below:

For more on Movie Monroe check out his website:

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