Movie Monroe proves to be the ultimate Trap visionary with his latest hit Moneyman

Movie Monroe may just be my favourite emerging R&B artists of 2017, the sounds are lavish, poignant and styled in a way that David Lynch would even come to envy. The sound to Moneyman has been polished to perfection by NEDARB, the beat flows with ubiquitous ease, whatever mood you’re in, this sound has the potential to grab your mood with its individualistic trap styling. Monroe doesn’t demand attention in an obvious way, he puts out his lyrics in an almost shy capacity that allows you to really sink your teeth into what he’s putting out on the sound waves.

The ridiculously catchy song was released just a few weeks ago when the Las Vegas based rapper Moneyman gripped the R&B & Trap audience with a captivating wave of euphoria with its Melo Trap sound. The minimalist beat allows you to become enthralled by the lyrics that are put before you, curtesy of the exponentially talented Movie Monroe.

Monroe certainly doesn’t play by any rule book I’ve ever read when it comes to music. He flows with individualistic style that will soon have you begging for more of his enigmatic sound.

Check out Moneyman on the SoundCloud link below:

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