Mountain Waves – Pangaea: The Surf Rock Revival You All Need to Hear

New Jersey Alt-Rock artist Mountain Waves has recently released their latest single “Pangaea” which should probably come with a health warning. If you thought that Swans were a loud band, hit play and you’ll soon see how Mountain Waves blow them out of the water with their captivatingly distinctive Indie Surf Rock.

With touches of Psychedelia, Garage rock, and Jangle Pop, Mountain Waves are reinventing nostalgic rhythm like no one else on the airwaves right now. If you could imagine what the Kinks would have sounded like if they threw Surf Rock and a touch of Fidlar’s unrestrainable energy into their soundscapes, you might be able to get an idea of the magnetically gritty energy in Pangaea.

With the ominously charming Alt Rock vocals, the sheer power emitted by the instrumental arrangement, and how violently this track throws raucous mesmerism at you, we’re unlikely to forget about Mountain Waves any time soon. We’d highly recommend putting them on your radar too.

You can listen to Mountain Waves’ single Pangaea for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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