Montréal rap group The Grey Era fly overseas with that big bag on ‘Bad Bad’ (feat. TGEWatts and TGEMarx)

Taken off their 11-track album called ‘Grey Tape Vol 1‘, The Grey Era shows us that when you are with someone who is good to you, anything is actually possible if you combine that with your lavish attributes on ‘Bad Bad(feat. TGEWatts and TGEMarx).

The Grey Era is a Montréal, Canada-based indie rap collective that has made an impressive entry in the Hip hop game and is known for its sword-like delivery and fashionable style.

Shading away any possible competition off the table with their eloquent and smooth techniques, The Grey Era stimulate the airwaves with an assured persona that lets you know that they aren’t in the business of messing around with fake cats.

Produced by the well-respected Skywalker, this is a memorable single that shall have you pouring another glass and might have you seduced by their highly passionate flows.

Bad Bad(feat. TGEWatts and TGEMarx) from Montréal, Canada-based indie Hip hop group The Grey Era, is a track all about showing that if the desire is there, anything is possible if the crew is loyal and in the right mindset. Stacking checks is the mission and there is much to like for rap fans on this flurry of rhymes, that will get you into the mood of success.

With songs like this, there is a calming aura on offer to learn from that takes you on a flight of discovery with one of North America’s most promising rap crews.

See this stylish music video on YouTube and see more moves on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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