Moni V – “Backwards” : Laidback And Groovy Pop

“Backwards,” Moni V’s new track, fresh from her latest album “Show + Tell” is clearly making a statement. That is, watch out because this girl is on to something good. She knows what she wants to say and just how she wants to say it. With a soulful, clear voice that can express a variety of tone colors, and a cool, driving beat, “Backwards” is just one of those tracks that will stay in your head for days.

With a laidback drum & bass groove sustaining the foundation of the music and chill midrange instruments the sonic space opens up for Mini V’s voice to shine through, brilliantly nailing both low and high notes with a raw soulful edginess that gives her a truly authentic character. Apart from this it is also very cool to note how her voice suits the style perfectly. “Backwards” not only exposes her creativity but also showcases a fresh blend of sounds that are current and cool. Listen to it now on Spotify!

Sarah Marie Bugeja

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