Mollie Jane – The New Sound Of The Past

3 by Mollie Jane

You can always rely on a groovy bass line to grab the listeners attention and as the hypnotic and slinky four string vibes of Carry You work their way into your ear it is hard not to be totally entranced by Mollie Jane. Throw in some soulful and sensual vocals, a few understated sonic details and elegant piano motifs and you have a brilliant slice of effortless jazz-pop.

Soul, jazz, lounge blues…Carry You fits into a number of iconic sounds, but they are generally all genres which seem to have an unhealthy attachment to their own traditional canon, their guarded stalwarts and standards, so this is a breath of fresh air, a forward thinking reaction to an often overly nostalgic attitude.I’m not sure what the purists might make of this, it will probably have them muttering about the sanctity of American musical traditions as they drink their Belgian lager out of a French made glass in an Irish themed bar, but then again that’s the whole point I guess

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