Modern Monks – Party with the Monks: Progressively Infectious New Hip Hop

Usually when Hip Hop artists have a sense of humour it’s a little hard for them to get any amount of respect, yet, Modern Monks found the perfect balance with their latest single Party with the Monks.

The dry delivery of the inventive lyrics proved to be the way to create an infectiously happy, playful track whilst keeping the iconic Hip Hop Rap attitude. The melodic down-tempo Trap beat was set as the perfect platform for the rappers to lay down their rhythmic Rap offerings. There was a tad too much repetition contained within the track for me to really get into the track, because when the Rap bars flowed water gates burst open thanks to the ingenuity contained within the lyricism. Any time spent repeating lyrics sadly took the edge away from the gritty narrative in Party with the Monks

You can check out Modern Monks’ latest single which dropped July 14th over on SoundCloud now, if you’re looking for a chilled Hip Hop Rap track to add to your vibe out playlists, you won’t be disappointed with the jovially inventive mix that Modern Monks have cooked up.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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