Mind Cinema Release Impressive Electronic Pop Song “Wrecking Trains”

Mind Cinema are a trio band with an amazing ability to fuse electronica with pop and a cinematic videography to accompany their tracks. With the authentic sound of analogue synthesisers and an etherial vocal melody and performance “Wrecking Trains” is the second single off of their upcoming album after the big success of “Sleep Clinic.” This new song features a stronger pop influence, particularly in the vocal melody, although the instrumental texture stays faithful to the electronic sound that these guys craft so well.

Starting off immediately with synth arpeggiations and a convincing vocal melody that shifts into a very catchy chorus. “Wrecking Trains” has its very own distinguishable sound which makes Mind Cinema stand out significantly. What was particularly interesting to me as I was listening this song for the first time was the element of transformation within the texture, particularly in the instrumental bridge which leads to the final climax. This point truly shows Mind Cinema’s ability to create sounds, particularly dripping and ghostly synth sonorities that gradually transform and pull the listener deeper into the sonic environment created. These guys truly have an authentic artistic vision. They know how to craft and present it and they are definitely impressing everyone.

-Sarah Marie Bugeja

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