Mike Turpin has dropped their arcanely resolving Alt Indie Pop single “Shine”


Well, God damn. If Tokyo-based artist Mike Turpin’s single “Shine” was any more arcanely resolving, I fear that I may never come back down from the high that the aural alchemy left me with.

It’s sensual, it’s sweet, it’s artful, it’s everything that you could possibly expect from a modern Indie Pop record. With twangs of Alt Folk along with similarities to the likes of the 1975, Shine is an indulgently mesmeric release which practically drips with celestial soul. The tear-inducingly compelling vocals are perfectly paired to the striking instrumentals which swim amongst almost haunting reverb.

There are very few ways to accurately allude to how enticing the atmosphere behind the experimental release is. Get it in your ears instead.

You can check out Shine for yourselves via SoundCloud or Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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