Mike Ruggi is ”Runnin” all the way to the top with debut single

This is the first single off of Mike Ruggi’s debut album ‘Movement‘. I feel like we are witnessing an underdog rise from the ashes, a soul that is so hungry he is going to eat real big.

He is running all the way up and not doing this for anyone else by himself. Sometimes you just have to try that 3 point shot and see what happens. The flow is so rugged and raw. This emcee is breaking down the door to get onto the mic and you can hear the passion.

Newcomer Mike Ruggi steps into the Hip Hop game with a massive chip on his shoulder. He doesn’t lack confidence and has been planning this for a while. ”Runnin” is all about proving to himself that he is worthy to lace the mic with world class skills. His dream was put on hold and we are thrown into his story with haunting beats, a sound that echoes in your ears as you feel his frustration with the process. With a debut like this it feels like Mike Ruggi will be stomping down the streets with more gritty music very soon.

Stream this Hip Hop track with all the right noises here on Spotify and join the journey.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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