Mike Rovone – Always Here: Breaking Boombox Style

Always Here is pretty much the perfect song to capture Mike Rovone’s essence. The Hip Hop Rapper strives for world domination without the fame.

Has he accomplished his mission? I guess we’ll never know.

It’s such a rarity to see an artist to put their music before their notoriety, because that’s when you truly get to hear the true soul of an artist, which is exactly what you’re treated to in his mellow ensemble with Always Here. The track boldly spreads the message that depression is a villain, and that as a man of the people Mike Rovone offers a ray of light to listeners that are suffering.

The versatile US based artist Rap artist takes his influences from acts such as: Rakim, Redman, Dead Prez and Wu-Tang amongst others. Yet with such a richly diverse back catalogue of experimental sounds, it’s clear that boundaries are never a consideration when it comes to his music, which he tackles with humility.

Always Here is just one of the tracks from his latest album End of The Day which is now available to listen via Spotify:


Check out the official music video to Always Here via YouTube using the link below:


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