Mika Mamon is quite simply effortless on ‘Holiday Romance’

Mika Mamon is a UK-based singer-songwriter, originally from the Philippines. She is now based in Saltburn on the North Yorkshire Coast. She is quite simply effortless on ‘Holiday Romance‘ and this is a lovely new single about sweet love.

Mika is a nurse, singer-songwriter and she loves people, music and good vibes. A signed artist from Slider Records, she is fully focused on making music that is positive for the soul. No fake music is allowed and this is music from the heart. You might be a bit worried about what this is all going to do but things happen for the best.

With succulent vocals, Mika has the ability to put you in a better place than before. ‘Holiday Romance‘ from Mika Mamon is a fine effort, this is the type of music that makes you smile. You lay back and wonder of better times in the world. This is that romance kind of song that keeps you lifted and in good spirits.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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