Might Be Lost Forever: London’s Boohoo finds that long-awaited bliss on ‘Both’


As he moved past the dark clouds that have sapped the much-needed energy away from his soul for too long, Boohoo finds the kind smile that makes the heart whole again with ‘Both‘.

Boohoo is a London, UK-based indie pop artist who makes those nostalgically slow and emotionally sad songs to get your heart in a vulnerable state to move on after heartbreak.

Making sad music for sad people.” ~ Boohoo

Featuring an electrically charged hair-dryer beat half way through, you feel the sweet energy pour through on such a lovely quick-fire track full of emotions. The vocals are made with love and sung with so much care – as the story unfolds from sadness to contentment – with a catchy beat that has you mightily fascinated with the texture wrapped inside.

Both‘ from the London, UK-based indie pop artist Boohoo, is a terrific song that has you feeling a wide set of feelings. At first things seemed gloomy, but then the light appeared so that you may find true purpose again. The journey was so tough and at times you thought that you could never let go of the bad energy that engulfed you, as you finally let go and found a true spark of life again.

Just like in life, you have to go through the bad to truly appreciate all the goodness.

Hear the audio on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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