Michael Tyree – All the Time: Timelessly Captivating Folk Rock

Up and coming artist Michael Tyree has recently released their latest orchestration of Bluesy Folk-Rock “All the Time”. And it is exactly the kind of track which is handy to have on your playlists as an aural pick me up.

Michael Tyree’s melodically arrestive approach to Rock is timeless. While the single comes with lashings of nostalgia, his style is nuanced enough to make the vibrant rhythms as potent as they were the first time they stung you.

Yet, I’m fairly certain that a soundscape quite like All the Time has ever been created before. Along with filthy Heavy Rock riffs, you’ll also be ingesting uplifting elements of Folk which aren’t all too dissimilar to what you can expect from the Levellers. The vocals also see plenty of progression in the track from gentle harmonized versing to high-octane Rock vocals. There’s little room to wonder why All the Time feels like such an emotional rollercoaster.

So, if you could imagine a combination of the sounds of the Levellers, Bob Dylan, and Springsteen, you’d get a fairly good idea of what Michael Tyree has to offer with their latest single.

You can check All the Time out for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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