Michael Storan – Rendition: Experimentally Compelling Neo Classical

There are few composers who can captivate me quite as quickly as Michael Storan did with his recent composition ‘Rendition’; which proved that the general populations ignorance to neo classical music needs to be addressed. The gentle piano keying introduced the track through a trickling melody before the harmony is picked up by the cello and the rest of the string arrangements. The instrumental orchestration was steeped in pensive yet uplifting emotion, which ensured that by the time the track drew to a tentative close you were no where near in the same mindset as when it began. The Limerick born pianist and composer creates his sound with a compelling twist due to his distaste for chastising his sound by limiting himself in accordance to the technical structures of music. The result? Unconventionally poignant pools of sound that trickle away, contorting and swelling with energy until the orchestration draws to a succinct close.

You can check out Michael Storan’s stunning title track from his debut album Rendition, which was first released in November 2017 on YouTube now; prepare to be pacified.

Head on over to Michael Storan’s official website for more painfully beautiful compositions by the deftly talented artist.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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