Michael Forsyth releases their latest spacey feat of Psych-laden Indie with “See the Light”

Michael Forsyth

“See the Light” is the effervescent upcoming Indie single from the Aberdeenshire-based Singer-Songwriter Michael Forsyth. He may be no stranger to orchestrating transcendentally psychedelic soundscapes, but with See the Light, there’s the aural affirmation that they’ve refined their sound into one which can simultaneously uplift you and treat you to plenty of arrestive riffs along with a whole host of other alchemic wonders.

The prelude doesn’t allow you to anticipate absorbingly angular electric guitar riffs. Instead, it sucks you into a kaleidoscope of beguiling acoustic rhythm before Michael Forsyth’s vocals kick in and ethereally float over the evolving instrumental arrangements.

With each progression, you’re left to contend with the different layers; trickling spacey electronic effects merge with cutting guitars and run through reverb so sweet it resonates as orchestral. Considering how much is going on in See the Light, it’s one of the most accessibly indulgent tracks I’ve experienced from the first hit.

You’ll have to wait a little longer before you can check out See the Light for yourselves. You can check out their previously released singles via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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