Michael Fine – The Line – Charismatic Pop Melodies Evolve Into A Stunning New Track With A Retro Vibe

Michael Fine is an artist and performer who set out to look at pop music with a different concept. His recent release, “The Line”, is a single that echoes the glorious sound of 80s pop music in many ways, reminding me of the sound of artists such as Tears For Fears or Echo and The Bunnymen, just to mention but a few. The song’s arrangement is loaded with cool gated drum samples, lush synth pads and stunning atmospheres. On top of it all, Michael Fine strikes for his really expressive and direct vocal performance.

The song is like a rollercoaster ride, starting out brooding and small, and later racing up to a beautiful climax, where the audience is lifted up to a beautifully rich chorus. This song stands out as an amazing example of what happens when artists set out to combine old school influences with a tasteful modern production vibe! One of the coolest elements in the song is probably the set of “string-like” synths, acting as a counter melody for Michael’s voice, and adding a really hot groove to the beat, almost reminding me of genres such as funk and R&B!

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