Mic Strong Releases Video For ‘Classic Feel’

Millennials have the pleasure of reading a bit more every day about how their nostalgia-driven culture is self-destructive and how the world will suffer because of their inability to move on. To be fair, this culture is predicated by the last few decades of technological development. The things we loved are not only well preserved, they’re coming back one after another. With our heads looking back, what does this say about our art? Mic Strong has a message that it’s okay to look forward with a fondness of what’s behind us in his track, Classic Feel.

Classic Feel doesn’t sound like a vintage tape recording, but it helps bring up intense love that people have for their homes and childhoods. While older generations long for the days they spent spinning vinyl, singing along with the Beatles and living in an age where nobody had to fear the constant incoming and outgoing data stream that is modern life, many often forget that while this technology was new, there was a generation growing up in the between. The advent of anime, mp3 files and organized block parties was a time to treasure, but that can be done with new beats, new raps and new outlooks with more experienced eyes. Mic Strong brings the timeless qualities that could be attached to people of all ages who have even a single fond memory of their youth. The truth is in the title; this song has a Classic Feel.

-Paul Weyer

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