Mia Stegner – Dust: Clockwork Concordance from One of the Most Intelligent Minds in Indie

Mia Stegner is the prodigally blessed up and coming artist responsible for the exceptional single “Dust”; a macabrely mused single about self-construction leading to self-destruction.

But don’t expect your usual flowery lyrics from the 19-year old artist, Mia Stegner has a quaintly expressive style which will leave you instantly enamoured by her ingenious approach to her sound. There’s a slight touch of the Amanda Palmer madness in Dust due to her ability to pack plenty of syllables into her verses and make a mean melody from a ukulele. However, it’s much more innocent – never falling into the realms of infantility, instead the friendly keys wrapping around the light instrumental arrangement accompanies dark lyricism and imagery.

You can check out Mia Stegner’s latest single Dust for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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