Mhic poignantly captures 21st-century anxiety in her resoundingly tender debut release “Fear”

Up and coming Indie Pop artist Mhic recently made her debut with the resoundingly tender single “Fear”.

Mhic didn’t just capture her own fear in the downtempo minor-key melodic soundscape. She encapsulated the anxiety and guilt which is drilled into our psyche daily. With striking lines such as “I can’t raise a kid in a world that’s burning” and acknowledging how easy it is to feel problematic for simply existing, Fear hits hard. Yet, there will always be a priceless amount of comfort in tracks such as Fear. It’s so easy to feel isolated by your own fear, Mhic proves just how universally bruising fear really is.

Fear is available to stream via all major streaming platforms including Spotify via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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