Merch On Me: Chicago rapper Yung Chi wants the respect now while he is alive on ‘Love Me Now’

Taken off his just-dropped project called ‘The Manuscript’, Yung Chi returns with his highly popular new visuals for a heart-shaking track all about remembering to be extra careful who you hang with on ‘Love Me Now‘.

Yung Chi is a Chicago-based indie Hip-Hop artist, singer and music producer who raps with a venom-like delivery that bites all haters away from talking trash about him.

You feel his ravaging intensity on a higher level steam through into the hissing speakers around you, as the underground beat slides in hot to let you know that this is for real and not a movie. In a dog-eat-dog world where loyalties are tested to the limit when you least expect it – you feel that you have just seen a world – that shows you the sadly all-too common street struggles right in your face to view for yourself.

Love Me Now‘ from the Chicago-based singer, rapper and music producer Yung Chi, shows us a man on a mission to find that respect while he is still breathing. With so many fake friends loitering around and waiting for him to be gone six feet under, this is a track all about worrying who will claim they were friends with you. Rapped with a warning to those who have alternative options to what is right, this is a stark reminder to be very smart about who you call your family.

See this new visual on YouTube and see more about his journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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