Melbourne’s Mechanical Pterodactyl show us the music world in ‘Stars In Our Eyes’

Melbourne’s Mechanical Pterodactyl show us the real music world in the dreamy-pop indie wonderland ‘Stars In Our Eyes‘.

This is the creation of multi-instrumentalist and producer Yen Nguyen, Mechanical Pterodactyl build Dreamy-pop creative compositions that place lasting lyrical melodies over a richly woven blend of captivating acoustic, electric and electronic instruments. There is so much skill here, the musicianship is of top quality.

After working in such varied genres such as Jazz, Hip Hop and Rock, you can feel the multi-skilled passion of this excellent artist. This is different music and the video is so true. Sometimes we go for a dream without fully mapping it all about like a master-plan. Things can go wrong real quick with reality strikes.

Melbourne’s Mechanical Pterodactyl are quite epic on the new single Stars In Our Eyes‘. This has dreamy-pop lathered up and stuck all deep in our ears, the song is radiant and fresh. They join the lists of Australian bands that are joined together with goodness, the golden age of bands in the marvellous music-crazy country.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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