Meet the Artist That’s Bringing a Brand-New Wave of Hip Hop Hype

High Copes is the latest single to be dropped by the Michigan based Hip Hop Rap artist MiL1; the recording artist, sound engineer and entertainer has made quite the name for himself with his organic approach to sound. There are very few Urban artists that can create that much hype behind their beats.

Whilst I absolutely adored the track it has to be said that High Copes could have been so much hotter if he just held back a little bit from the excessive lyrical repetitiveness which the track was introduced with. Rather than adding momentum to the beat it got pretty grating after a while especially after the repetition from the prelude seeped into the hooks. Having said that High Copes is still a track which demonstrates MiL1’s standout Hip Hop Rap style.

If you’re a fan of artists such as J.Cole & Kendrick Lamar give MiL1’s latest track High Copes which was released in May 2018 a listen on SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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