Matthew Schuler – Here’s to You: Pop Rock Perfection

There are very few tracks which instantly hit you with the same momentum contained within Matthew Schuler’s latest single Here’s to You. The Pop styling of the track make it somewhat of a guilty pleasure for me, but God damn, it’s catchier than anything Taylor Swift has ever put out. Even with the Pop polish, the strength in Matthew’s vocals is almost overwhelmingly perceptible. If anyone is wondering how to create the perfect Pop Rock track, I’d suggest you take a few tips from Schuler’s sound which also incorporates the perfect lick of R&B. Perhaps what I loved most about Here’s to You was the punchy up-vibe Jangle Pop guitars that bled into the melodies to make this track almost ultrasonic.

Between the sweet lyricism, the holistically vibrant sound and Matthew’s hyped vocal offerings, it’s not had to see why he has seen so much success within his career as a recording artist.

You can check out Matthew Schuler’s latest Pop hit Here’s to You on Spotify now along with the rest of his 2018 EP ‘Baby Steps’.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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