Matthew Radics Takes Hip-Scene by Storm with New Single ‘Pain Away’

London based Hip-Hop artist Matthew Radics is an exciting rising talent who was born in Jamaica and infuses both cultures to create truly unique and standout musical creations. The son of reggae superstar Jack Radics, growing up Matthew was heavily influenced by the soulful sounds and off beat rhythms. And  his music today blends Hip Hop, Neo-Soul and Jamaican Dancehall to create a modern fusion genre that stands out from what fans are currently hearing across the airwaves.
New single ‘Pain Away’ comes after a creative drop that saw Radics struggling to find his own unique sound. And what we now have as a result of that search is a dark and moody sound that also includes elements of upbeat tones, each aspect has been inspired by the people in his life.
The results of these genre influences and blends is clear to hear in ‘Pain Away which is a track that effortlessly bring together many sonical sounds and styles to create a wonderfully unique track that is putting Matthew Radics on the map as an artist who is ready to takeover the world with his own unique sound. It has a standout production and beat combined with lyrics that paint a story and showcases the strong writing talents Matthew possesses.
Overall it has a laid back vibe that incorporates fusions of Hip-Hop. Neo-Soul and Dancehall making it a truly unique piece of music that is sure to impress many music fans across the globe.

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