Marty Boff releases eerie Rock single Have This Dance

Marty Boff has released Alternative Rock single ‘Have This Dance’ with a rather low-pitch compared to most songs in this genre that are a bit more on the heavier side.

This piece shows the unique sound that Marty has to offer the world of music, keeping that soothing pace to a low volume and the vocals lowered behind the instrumentation, having a deep and gravelly tone to them, having the occasional whisper and tending to draw out the vocals.

Keeping the instrumentation simple, having the occasional slight tap on the bass drum and the clasp of the strings at the start of the song, that fade into the distance as the drum begins to overtake it. Making sure that it is all kept at a quieter volume and always keeping the pace steady.

Listen to Marty Boff Have This Dance by heading on over here now.

Review by Karley Myall

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